March 4 Justice

Today, on March 15th 2021 thousands (and probably tens of thousands) of women and men have marched in cities across Australia to proclaim “Enough is Enough”.

Those who marched, and those who for many reasons could not march but stand in solidarity beside their fellow Australians, were protesting gender based violence against women including the sexual abuse and harrassment of women in their workplaces, schools, homes and public places. They are calling for equality and justice for all people. You can read more about the March 4 Justice here.

Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, and Brittany Higgins, the woman whose rape allegations helped spark the national discussion about the workplace culture at Parliament House both spoke at rallies today, in Hobart and Canberra respectively.

Ms Higgins stated “We are all here today, not because we want to be here, because we have to be here. We fundamentally recognise the system is broken, the glass ceiling is still in place and there are significant failings in the power structure within our institution.”

Ms Tame said in her speech “It starts with conversation, and from conversation, education is born”. She also said “When you see abuse, when you hear abuse, let it know it’s there and that you’re not afraid to stand up to it”.

Zonta International stands for women’s rights across the world. Zonta advocates for equality, as well as an end to gender-based violence.

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