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Mother’s Day 2019 – Birthing Kits and Breast Cushions

Don’t forget – Mother’s Day is coming up on the 12th May 2019.  And we have the perfect presents for all those hard to buy for mothers out there.  They don’t want more stuff – they’ve probably just Marie Kondo’d their clutter.  Yes you could buy some flowers – but they will wither and die within a week.  But if you give the gift of birthing kits on their behalf, they will be able to help mothers and babies survive in often difficult conditions across the world.  Or you can give the gift of breast cushions to assist women who have undergone surgery to manage breast cancer.

Already the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia and Zonta have produced at least one million birthing kits – an amazing effort and one we want to continue to support.  Every year, around 300,000 women and 3 million newborns die due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, and this is why the work is so important.

The kits are packed across Australia, and contain only 6 seemingly simple components – soap, a plastic sheet, gloves, gauze, cord ties and a sterile blade.  With these items childbirth can be made safer for women across the world.

On a personal note, I gave birth to my first child in December 2018.  I realise simply by the fact that I live in Australia, and gave birth in a major tertiary teaching hospital, I was already in a better position than millions of women across the world.  After both my baby and I needed medical assistance during and after birth the importance of access to medical care really hits home to me.  With a simple gift donation you too can assist women and give their beautiful newborn babies a better start to life.

Equally close to many peoples hearts is helping women to recover after surgery for breast cancer.  Breast cancer remains the most common cancer for Australian women, and in 2019 19,371 women and 164 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  For those who undergo surgery, breast cushions can provide comfort afterwards and during recovery.

To donate, you can simply click below.  Alternatively if you wish to avoid processing fees, please email the club at and simply indicate how many kits (at a cost of $3.00 per kit) or breast cushions (at a cost of $5 each) you would like to supply.  An ecard will be provided for distribution to recipients.

Birthing Kits –

Breast Cushions –

Nerida – PR and profile chair, Zonta Club of Sydney

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