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16 Days of Activism – Pathways to Safety

Day 13 of the #16DaysofActivism

Many of you would be aware that one of the main advocacy projects that Zonta Club of Sydney is involved with is as part of the Keeping Women out of Prison coalition. We aim to work together with other organisations and individuals for a common goal – reducing the incarceration rates of women and numbers of women in prison.

Change The Record are “Australia’s only national Aboriginal led justice coalition of legal, health and family violence prevention experts”. Their mission is

to end the incarceration of, and family violence against, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


Change the Record have launched their “Pathways to Safety” Report which looks at the issue of family and domestic violence amongst First Nations women. Recommendations include removing barriers to escaping violence – the current choices are noted to be “Police or Prison” for women escaping family violence, as well as to stop criminalising First Nations women. Studies have shown that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are over represented in prison populations. To read the report, you can go to https://www.changetherecord.org.au/pathwaystosafety

Change the Record also advocate for the “Raise the Age” campaign – to raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 years old. Right now, Australia is one of the few countries in the world which allow children as young as 10 to be imprisoned. You may also consider signing the petition or sending an email to your local MP if you feel strongly on this matter – for more information click here

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